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An indisposable helper for smiths – and not just the lone ones.“.

"Even smiths need another set of hands the Blacksmith’s Guillotine will come in handy!"

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The robust frame is made of hardened steel resistant to strain. The wide guides of the top tool ensure accuracy and stability during work. Another innovation is that the lower die passes through the body of the guillotine so that it is propped against the body of the anvil (the strokes were replaced directly into the body of the guillotine). Two sizes of replaceable anvil shanks 90 – 150 kg. The adjustable stop can be rotated so as to make room for the workpiece.

The dies were made out of tool steel meant for operation under heat with a high tempering temperature (i.e. it is not necessary to cool them so often). Hardened and tempered in a vacuum furnace.

It offers a wide range of uses, spacious working space, sturdy body, high-quality, dies made from tool steel, quick and easy replacement of all components, possibility of creation and adjustment of further tools.

Have a look at the demonstration video:

Included in the delivery:

1x      Mandrel 25 x 25 mm

1x      Mandrel 28 x 28 mm

1x      Upper chisel 10 mm

1x      Upper chisel 15 mm

1x      Upper chisel 20 mm

1x      Upper hardy

1x      Large upper fuller

1x      Small upper fuller

1x      Upper lateral fuller

1x      Sharp upper stake

1x      Bottom chisel

1x      Large bottom fuller

1x      Small bottom fuller

1x      Bottom lateral fuller

1x      Sharp bottom stake

1x     Flat block

1x     Tubular box spanner

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